Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vol. 10, No. 1

FHC Phone Number: 909-794-3844. Located at 5th and Wabash in Redlands.
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday---9:00am to 1:00pm. Tuesday and Wednesday Night---6:00pm to 9:00pm
This year closed Sunday Nights except the 4th Sunday before the Research Class.
Thursdays – 6:00pm to 9:00pm Groups by appointment only. Call Shawn Price at 909-796-4904 or Dianna Rounds at 909-797-6605

Coming Events:
Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010 at 1:00pm. Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society at the Yucaipa Branch Library. Barbara LeClaire will be speaking about
Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010 at 7:00pm. Redlands Stake Center High Council Room, FHC Research Class, Speaker: Shawn Price Topic: "Where do I begin my Genealogy."

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS from Miles Myers Newsletter, Jacksonville, Florida
I know, every year we set goals and then before January is over we have broken everyone of them. However, this year I have come up with a set of goals to improve my genealogy research that I feel I can keep so I decided to share them with the newsletter crowd. Some of these goals are divided up between the regular researchers and the techies. Hope these inspire you to work more diligently on your own projects.
1) organize and label all photographs
· For techies---scan all of your photographs, label them and create backup copies and store in a safe place.
2) Rededicate yourself to writing in your journal.
· Techies, why don’t you use that new video camera that you got for Christmas to begin creating a video journal.
3) keep up with the new genealogy resources by attending a genealogy class. It is not enough now to just know all of the research techniques to find records in the court house. The internet is bringing us new ways to research on a daily basis. Learn how to effectively use these new websites.
4) Find sources for everyone in at least one direct line of ancestors.
5) Dedicate a few hours per week or a whole day each month to work on your family research.
6) Keep track of correspondence.
· Techies, make sure you have replied to all of the e-mails and file them away in folders for future reference.
7) Get organized. Look through that pile of papers and see what you may have forgotten about.
8) Genealogy is more than names and dates. Find out about the lives of your ancestors.
9) Put your research to good use. Share it with others.
10) Volunteer to help others. Make your time in the Family History Center a productive time.

Temple Rollout Update: Consultants and priesthood leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in all stake and temple districts (except for the Orient) have access to New Family Search (NFS). All temples (again, except the Orient) can process NFS Family Ordinance Requests and will no longer accept TempleReady submissions.

Family Search Record Search Update: Brazil, Indiana Marriages, Italy, Netherlands and 1910 U.S. Census are among New Collections: The Indiana marriages, Netherlands, 1920 U.S. Census, Brazil, and Italy collections were recently added or updated in FamilySearch’s Record Search Pilot. Family Search applauds the Indiana Genealogical Society and Family Search volunteers for the great work done on the Indiana Marriages collection. Volunteers are indexing marriage records from 1811 to 1959. The recent update will surely be attractive to those with Indiana roots. The new Brazil Catholic Church Records and Naples, Italy, Civil Registration collections are a sampling of what’s coming to These collections can be searched for free at the Record Search Pilot. (Click Search Records then click Record Search Pilot

Prototype for Family Search Forums:
The Forums project is aimed at providing the most up to date information to anyone who uses FamilySearch products to work on their family history. Through the Forums anyone can ask questions about product features, research techniques, hints and tips, or even about specific families in specific locations. And anyone who knows the answer can reply. Instead of a limited number of support agents available to answer the questions, there will be tens of thousands of users collaborating together. There will even be special forums for Family History Consultants, or leaders assigned to foster local family hiistory participation. Come participate and give us your feedback. The more who use it the better the information. Click on This is still a beta test.

Family History Center online Portal (FREE) These services (except FamilyHistoryLink) require that they be accessed via the Family History Center Services Portal.
· 19th Century British Library Newspaper Digital Archive
· FamilyHistoryLink
· 1911 UK Census
· The Genealogist
· (launcher)
· Godfrey Memorial Library
· Heritage Quest Online
· Historic Map Works Library Edition
· World Vital Records
· Alexander Street Press-The American Civil War: Research Database, Letters and diaries, Images, Photographs, Posters, and Ephemera

Success Story: Google Books- After our class on Google given by Gena Ortega at our Novemberfest, I was able to go home and access
Google Books. I found a book on the Civil War that gave an eyewitness account of the capture and imprisonment of my great great grandfather. This little book was written in 1903 while those participants were still alive. I was able to give 10 pages of this history to my children for Christmas. ----- Marilyn Harrison

We are on the lookout for Success Stories from our Family History Center. If you have such a story and would like to share it please submit it to Marilyn Harrison at or call me at 909-797-1429

Bits and Pieces:
I have been searching for my great-grandparents marriage record for many years without success. I recently re-checked a website I had used before and to my amazement, there was their marriage record in a county I hadn’t checked. I did not know they had lived there. Now I can write the county for the official marriage record. Hopefully from there, I will be able to determine what church they were married in and write the church for a copy of that record as well. So, look and search again at sites you have already searched. New records and databases are being added all the time. You might be surprised. Linda

RootsMagic Essentials is available now for free at Users of other genealogy software products will find it easy to experiment with RootsMagic Essentials using their own data. RootsMagic Essentials can directly import data from PAF, Family Tree Maker (through 2006), Family Origins, and Legacy Family Tree. It can also read and write data using the popular GEDCOM format. "We're excited to make RootsMagic Essentials available to the community," said Michael Booth, vice-president. "Our mission is to provide 'software to unite families' and our hope is that RootsMagic Essentials will encourage more people to record their family trees and connect with their family histories". RootsMagic Newsletter Nov 18, 2009
(Note: This is not the full RootsMagic4 version)

Searching Michigan Does your family have roots in Michigan? If so, there’s a great new site packed with information to explore. Not just a few simple databases, the Seeking Michigan website,, contains a virtual cornucopia of family histories, vital records, Civil War records and more. An article on this site is in the “Internet Genealogy” magazine, Dec/Jan 2010 p.49. We have a subscription to this magazine in our FHC. Check it out.

HOT TIPS that really work. You know that the female sibling of your ancestor married, but you don’t have a clue about her married surname. Or maybe your female ancestor remarried, and you’d like to find out what surname she had when she died. If you have her exact birth date, try searching the Social Security Death Index with just the first name and the birth date entered. (Leave the surname field Blank) You may be pleasantly surprised. When searching the CA death index, you can search by maiden name as well as a married name.
Sometimes this is one means can pull up an entire family.

Compare Family Search Programs: Gaylon Finley, Incline Software
Many have asked for information that would help them compare the FamilySearch certified affiliate products. As a service to all who are trying to get a sense of the differences between the three current certified syncing products: Ancestral Quest, FamilyInsight and RootsMagic, I have just completed a detailed comparison. I know that many Family History Center staff and consultants want to be at least generally aware of what the various affiliate products can do, so I think this will be welcome information. This is the page to access the chart and accompanyingvideo:
When I began the process of comparing these products, I had heard of one major difference, but the more I explored the more surprised I became at what I found. I am in a position to understand better than most what these products must do to “talk” to New FamilySearch, so I was able to examine things that many folks might overlook. I expect that the video will be very educational for all who take the time to watch it.

PAF PAL Steve Cannon, the developer of PAF Pal, passed away a few years ago. He was a good programmer and a good friend. PAF Pal was designed with the old TempleReady workflow in mind, although some of its functionality continues to be useful in some situations. Now that new FamilySearch is being used by so many people, we have contacted Steve's family and they have agreed to allow us to offer PAF Pal at no cost. To get your copy, go to and click on the Purchase menu. Scroll down to find the free license for PAF Pal. Once you have your license you can download PAF Pal by going to the Download menu and choosing the Freeware/Shareware link.

WorldVitalRecords has added Revolutionary War Databases from the Daughters Of the American Revolution. This is the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Vol. 1-58. This collection of 58 volumes spans the time period for the Society of 1890-1922. The lineages include over 12 million names reaching back well into the 1800’s. They have also added new databases from the Queensland Family History Society. This Society aims to promote the study of family and local history, genealogy and heraldry, and to encourage the collection and preservation of records relating to the history of Queensland families. Queensland Timber Licenses 1860-1901. This database indexes the lists of applications for timber licenses, which appeared in the Queensland Government Gazette between 1860 and 1901, a total of 68,458 entries.

Laguna Niguel is moving to Cajalco and they need volunteers to help. In a recent email from Jean Hibbens, she says:
“I have been in contact with the folks from Laguna Archives about the upcoming move (target date: March 2010!). I have volunteered & been told about the process: an application,an in-person interview, a background check, and fingerprinting (all of these were expected). It shouldn't be a problem for those who want to volunteer to help at the new facility (on Cajalco, just off the I-215), especially if they have any previous experience in an FHC or library. So perhaps you can promote this with your society members. Below is part of the email I received from Kerry Bartels about becoming a NARA volunteer here in the Inland Empire.
“You mentioned there are others who are interested as well. If you wish, you may tell them to send me an email to express their interest in volunteering at our
facility and I will place their names on the list as well. Email can be sent to me at or you can call and speak to me at (949) 448-4931.”

Reference: Patron has questions about nFS policy for ancestors born before 1500AD.
Answer: Thank you for calling Family Search about the nFS policy for pre 1500AD or medieval names. Unfortunately, the nFS system currently allows patrons to reserve temple work for Pre-1500 names, although Church policy still applies. Our engineers are actively working on a way to rectify this concern in the nFS. As you have experienced, it is a work in progress and is continuously being updated and improved. In the meantime, please continue following Church policies regarding temple submissions as these still apply in nFS. For example: Pre-1500 names need Family Hist. Department permission, Pre-200 names need permission from the First Presidency, individuals born in the last 95 year need
permission from the closest living relative (order: spouse, children, parents, siblings), refrain from submitting famous people or royalty, Jewish
Holocaust victims, and submitting names with estimated information or no date/place which increases the likelihood of duplication.
---- Family History Department

Upcoming events
Jan. 22-23. 2010 Arizona Family History Expo Mesa, Arizona
Feb. 26-27, 2010 St. George Family History Expo St. George Utah
Mar. 12-13, 2010 Conference on Computerized Family Hist. and Genealogy BYU Workshop